A Politically minded Youth Group had a meeting recently with Brian Lovig, the founder of Right for Canada:

Q – What is Right for Canada?

A – It’s a political movement and Canadians sure do get it. The response is amazing.

Q – How did you get the idea for Right for Canada?

A – I’ve had TV shows and an online show about politics for several years. We’ve had millions of viewers, rightedition.com is fun to do, but always it’s about the issues and there’s never a solution that can be controlled or managed. Many people have asked me to do shows about Canada’s political mess, and I wasn’t keen to do much of that because it’s just more complaining without a solution. I’m solution driven and I’d been racking my mind about how to help Canada and when the Right for Canada concept hit me, finally the problem had a solution and I got excited.

Q – Describe the problem in Canada?

A – The Liberal Government of Canada has a globalist vision and is taking away our sovereignty. The Government gives billions and billions of Canada’s money to other Countries. The policy is for the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor countries under the supervision of the United Nations. They take our freedom, our money, and our spirit.

Q – What is the solution in Canada?

A – Vote for anyone but if you vote Liberal you hate your country.

Q – Basically you are looking to overthrow the government?

A – Hah. That’s a fun way to put it but I think we will stick with saying that we are going to replace the government.

Q – Have you ever run for political office?

A – I’ve not run for office and I won’t, so I can tell the truth because I don’t need your vote. I’m just one of many patriots in the country who want our country back.

Q – Why don’t you like politicians?

A – What’s to like? They create problems and then campaign on fixing them and they get paid big bucks and pensions forever. It’s more like adoption than employment. I don’t like the entitlement thing much, and I’m really against globalization. Canada must remain it’s own nation. There’s too much government, too much talk and not enough action. We hire them. We pay them. They don’t do great work. We can’t even fire them. I repeat, what’s to like? We can change this.