A Conservative Youth Group had a meeting recently with Brian Lovig, the founder of Right for Canada:

Q – What is Right for Canada?

A – It’s a political movement and Canadans sure do get it. The response is amazing.

Q – How did you get the idea for RFA?

A – I’ve had TV shows and an online show about politics for several years. We’ve had millions of viewers, rightedition.com is fun to do, but always it’s about the issues and there’s never a solution that can be controlled or managed. Many people have asked me to do shows about Canada’s political mess, and I wasn’t keen to do much of that because it’s just more complaining without a solution. I’m solution driven and I’d been racking my mind about how to help Canada and when the RFA concept hit me, finally the problem had a solution and I got excited.

Q – Describe the problem in Canada?

A – Government

Q – What is the solution in Canada?

A – Right for Canada

Q – How does RFA work?

A – RFA is a brilliant and unique concept about non party politics for candidates to run as independents with the marketing, branding and management help of a structured support team. RFA is basically a business with a product, and it will market its product in powerful ways so that the consumer, voters in this case, get it. And once they get it, they will vote for it. Because it’s about them. It’s like a master franchiser: it will create 87 franchises, ridings in this case, and then RFA oversees the management, training and performance of each riding. Will RFA work? For sure. Canada politicians will see this as a hostile takeover and they will be hostile and Canadans will do the takeover.

Q – Basically you are looking to overthrow the government?

A – Hah. That’s a fun way to put it but I think we will stick with saying that we are going to replace the government.

Q – Have you ever run for any public office or are you a politician?

A – I’m not interested in running for office, so I can tell the truth because I don’t need your vote. I don’t need your money either and I’m smart enough to look after my own pension. So I guess that answers whether I’m a politician, eh?

Q – Why don’t you like politicians?

A – What’s to like? They create problems and then campaign on fixing them and they get paid big bucks and pensions forever. It’s more like adoption than employment. I don’t like the entitlement thing much. There’s too much government, too much talk and not enough action. We hire them. We pay them. They don’t do great work. We can’t even fire them. I repeat, what’s to like?

Q – Won’t the individuals recruited to run as independents for RFA become politicians if they are elected?

A – They will be patriots working in politics versus being conventional politicians. That’s the difference.

Q – Are you the leader of Right for Canada?

A – I am just the spokesperson. The words and ideas on the web site are mine and I am the host of the videos but now others are getting involved who will tune up or tone down the message and business model. My involvement will lessen and likely stop altogether as smarter folks than me take RFA to the next level.

Q – Who is the leader then?

A – Each candidate is the leader of their RFA group riding. Presently MLA’s do as they’re told. It’s time we have leaders as MLAs instead of followers.

Q – Who is the premier then?

A – When RFA forms government a spokesperson for all of Canada is needed and that person will be the premier, initially appointed by MLAs of RFA, and the premier will follow direction from Canadans via their RFA representatives. Ultimately RFA believes that Canadans should be able vote for the premier independent from their MLA because they need a say.

Q – RFA is a huge undertaking. Can it be done?

A – For sure. All it takes is money, product and talent. RFA will have a great infrastructure and very soon. And people love the product and the concept.

Q – Will RFA be able to raise money? It’s a crowded space?

A – I’ve raised some money so we’re good.

Q – How much have you raised?

A – The budget is $3 million at present for start-up, operations, marketing and advertising costs for the first year. About $1 million of this amount has been raised. I’ll get to the fund raising again when I’m able to time wise, and the rest will be wrapped up ASAP, hopefully with help from others.

Q – Is the budget for RFA then $3 million for each year before the election or $9 million total?

A – A board of directors will soon be in place and they, along with management will create budgets for administration and marketing, so at this time the 2nd and 3rd year budgets and capital needs are not known. Whatever the budgets call for is what we will get, and more if we are over budget. Hopefully we won’t be like the rich man who said when he was building a house, “I gave my wife no budget and she went over it.”

Q – Why are you doing this? Why RFA?

A – Most Canada MLAs are socialists. Socialism is a disease that spreads with misleading headlines, irresponsible talk and lots of lying. Socialists are bullies. Someone needs to fight this nonsense. We hire politicians from the so called Right, and that hasn’t turned out too well. So I started the movement. A platform consisting of small government, small taxes, freedom and big opportunities for independents. That’s better than socialism. I don’t have an agenda, there’s no financial gain for me in this and I don’t need a job. I’m only doing what the politicians haven’t been able to do, and it makes me feel good doing it.

Q – Some think that RFA will split the vote and the NDP will be elected again?

A – The political establishment might think that because they are about strategy and activity, but we are about achievement, so I don’t get the vote splitting worry. What’s to split? The Right? What Right? Look at the values and policies of RFA and compare them to those of the WR and PC parties. They need to adapt to what Canadans want, and if they do they should join us. Let me say too that Canadans have had to vote against someone instead of for someone because there haven’t been good choices. By that I mean that voters have had nowhere else to go. Now they do, so it’s not splitting the vote but rather now there is a home for your vote.

Q – Do you consider yourself an ultra right-wing person?

A – Maybe. Politics though is really about right and wrong and not Right and Left.

Q – It sounds like the RFA isn’t going away any time soon?

A – Big oil and big business support RFA. Canadans are supporting RFA. So for sure RFA is not going away, but the NDP is.

Q – Do you have any closing remarks?

A – Please look long and hard at what RFA offers and help us to help all of us. Join one of the boards, volunteer, apply for a job at RFA or be a RFA candidate. Further, I think most of us complain about things that we can’t fix. Now we can. Now there’s a call to action. RFA really can win in 2019 if the winner types get on our bandwagon. For Canada. Thanks.