Alberta firefighters band together to fight COVID mandates with constitutional challenge

by Anthony Murdoch

The Fight for the Frontline group is fighting COVID vaccine mandates and to preserve their jobs.

(LifeSiteNews) – A group of Alberta firefighters opposed to COVID jab mandates launched a constitutional challenge against Alberta Health Services’ requirement that all contractors who work for them must be jabbed or lose their jobs.

Tim Moen, who works as a firefighter and paramedic in Alberta, helped found the group Fight for the Frontline. He says that even though he has had the COVID jabs he’s “in this to fight for my brothers and sisters who are being discarded by the system like yesterday’s trash.”

“These are some of the best people I know. Highly skilled responders who have sacrificed their physical and mental health for their community. Communities are LESS safe without them. I’m also fighting for the future. If they get away with this, there will be no end to humiliating violations of bodily autonomy in the future,” Moen said in a press release dated October 14.

Fight for the Frontline has retained legal counsel with the help of constitutional lawyer Derek From. The group recently sent a letter dated October 13 to Dr. Verna Yiu, president and CEO of Alberta Health Services (AHS), to lay out its demands.

“We demand that AHS: Provide a rapid testing option, Recognize natural immunity, Recognize exemptions under the Alberta Human Rights Act, Recognize that an unpaid leave of absence is a constructive dismissal, Recognize that unvaccinated employees are entitled to severance upon dismissal, and, Compensate individuals who suffer vaccine injuries as a result of this mandate,” the group’s letter states to Yiu.

The group says they represent “Alberta firefighters, paramedics and first responders” as well as administrative staff, dispatchers and others “who are being threatened with unpaid suspension and loss of employment due to this COVID-19 vaccination policy of AHS.”

“It is our opinion that this vaccine mandate is unconstitutional under sections 2 and 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that it cannot be justified under section I as a reasonable limit in a free and democratic society,” the group’s letter reads to Yi

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