Analyst Says Caitlin Clark Is Hated by WNBA Players Because She Isn’t a ‘Black Lesbian’

Caitlin Clark has not exactly been welcomed into the WNBA with open arms since stealing the national spotlight during a historic run in the NCAA tournament during her senior campaign at the University of Iowa.

According to one major national sports analyst, Clark is being targeted over her skin color and her sexuality.

Conventional wisdom would tell us that Clark’s place in women’s professional basketball would be celebrated by her peers in a league essentially no one watched until just this past month.

A rising tide lifts all boats, so Clark’s ability to get butts in the stands should have the entirety of the WNBA excited about the league’s sudden relevance.

Instead, Clark has been chirped at on the court and in the media, and of course, there is the issue with all those hard fouls:




National radio host Clay Travis, a sports analyst who founded the website Outkick, has a theory as to why Clark has received such an icy reception.

Travis opined on Tuesday that one of the greatest college basketball stars of all time is not wanted in the WNBA because she is not only white but also heterosexual.

“Caitlin Clark is white and straight in a league that is primarily minority and lesbian,” Travis said on Fox Sports Radio Tuesday. “I told you this was going to be an issue, and now you got everybody acknowledging it all over the place.”

Travis added, “The average WNBA player does not like Caitlin Clark because she is white, because she is straight, and because now she is rich and getting a lot of attention. There is a great deal of resentment about that.”

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