Canada’s employment minister says workers fired for refusing jab are ‘ineligible’ for benefits

by Jack Bingham

‘It’s a condition of employment that hasn’t been met.’

(LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s employment minister said Friday that those who lose their jobs over their refusal to comply with mandatory COVID-19 injections will be “ineligible” to get unemployment benefits. Some experts are questioning her position.

In an interview conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Employment Minister of Canada Carla Qualtrough said, “It’s a condition of employment that hasn’t been met.”

And the employer choosing to terminate someone for that reason would make that person ineligible for EI,” she added.

If an employee in Canada loses his or her job without “just cause,” they are eligible to receive the EI benefit, which covers 55 percent of their weekly earnings up to a maximum of $595.

When asked about the certainty of this being the course of action that will be taken by the Canadian government, Qualtrough said, “I can tell you that’s the advice I’m getting, and that’s the advice I’ll move forward with.”

In response to the shocking statement by the minister, Paul Champ, an employment lawyer in Ottawa, told the CBC that Qualtrough is likely mistaken that the government will be able to deny people EI benefits for their refusal to undergo an experimental medical treatment.

“I think it’s very arguable about whether employees terminated for not getting the vaccine requirement is just cause for termination,” said Champ in an interview the same day as Qualtrough’s announcement. “I think it’s reasonable that some employers may and will terminate employees for not being vaccinated — I don’t take issue with that — but it’s different to say that it’s just cause, meaning you pay them nothing.”

In Canada, vaccine mandates have become almost ubiquitous in certain sectors, including healthcare, education, and law enforcement, leaving many worried about their financial future. If these employees cannot file for EI benefits, on top of losing their jobs, they will also lose any ability to receive money while looking for another job.

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