Canadian border officer caught on film getting lap dance from drag queen at workplace event

by Anthony Murdoch

A viral video with over 250,000 views shows many officers cheering on the drag queen performer while in uniform and on duty.

(LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) admitted one of its officers crossed a “line” when filmed receiving a lap dance from a drag queen during an “inclusive workplace culture” event that included senior management and a full-on drag performer.

As first reported by The Canadian Independent, a confidential source provided them with video of the drag show, which took place on June 20, within the confines of Toronto Pearson International Airport. The employee provided the new outlet with the video and information but wished to “remain anonymous due to fear of reprisal.”

Video of the incident has gone viral with over 250,000 views and shows many CSBA officers cheering on the drag queen performer while in uniform and on duty at the event, which was sanctioned by the agency.

At one point in the video, the drag queen can be seen giving a lap dance to a uniformed CBSA officer to loud cheers.

Some senior CBSA management attended the event as well. It is alleged that one of the officials was CBSA director Marija Cuvalo, who was said to be sitting in the front row.

The video of the drag performance elicited a large backlash on social media.

“So 1 in 5 families are at a food bank, the country is imploding and our tax dollars are paying for this. What freaking universe are we living in?” wrote one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user wrote about the video, “Justin Trudeau’s version of Canada shining through like the strip club it’s becoming.”

LifeSiteNews has confirmed with the CBSA that the event did take place and that uniformed officers were in attendance.


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