Canadian pastor jailed for breaking COVID rules challenges judge’s decision limiting his free speech

by Anthony Murdoch

Artur Pawlowski’s attorney expects the appeals process of the judge’s ruling in the case to be a lengthy one.

(LifeSiteNews) – Christian pastor Artur Pawlowski’s lawyer filed an appeal to a Canadian judge’s shocking final ruling limiting her client’s free speech but said the process will be a “lengthy” one.

According to a Rebel News report, Pawlowski’s lawyer, Sarah Miller, started the appeals process early this week, saying she expects “that an appeal will probably be a year.”

“We have applied to have the decision from Justice Germain stayed, which means it doesn’t actually apply until we’re having the appeal heard and there’s a decision on that,” Miller said in an interview posted on Rebel News.

“So if the if the decision is upheld then the decision comes back into force. So we’ll have that heard, hopefully in short order the application to stay that decision and then the appeal will be a lengthy process. There’s a lot of steps with appeal, it’s quite complicated and it’s a very particular procedure, so it takes, you know, nine to 12 months to get there.”

The appeal comes after Alberta Justice Adam Germain wrote in early October that as a “final” term of his probation order, Pawlowski must say COVID jabs “save lives” against his will whenever he speaks out against them.

Miller said of Germain’s order limiting Pawlowski’s free speech that she has a serious concern “about whether or not that’s constitutional or not.”

“For arbitrary detention, that should result in this whole thing being thrown out,” Miller sai

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