Chris Selley: Trudeau Liberals revealed their true selves to Canadians long ago

Chris SelleyChris Selley

They abandoned electoral reform in the same cynical, insulting way they’re defending themselves in the SNC Lavalin scandal. Did we forget?

Not surprisingly, Jody Wilson-Raybould’s two-page letter on Tuesday asking to remain part of the Liberal caucus proved unsuccessful. At 5:44 p.m. EST, she announced on Twitter that she had been turfed. Luckily, perhaps not accidentally, the letter works just as well as a giant middle finger aimed backwards.

“We committed to break old and cynical patterns of concentrating power in the hands of a few unelected staffers,” she wrote. “I believed we were going to uphold the highest standards that support the public interest, and not simply make choices to create partisan advantage.”

At this point, surely, nobody who isn’t a partisan Liberal believes that has occurred.

Moreover, even if you believe this had nothing to do with Lavalin, the Liberals’ Bombing of Dresden-style damage control campaign incinerated any claim they still had to a new and enlightened politics. On Monday, Official Languages Minister Mélanie Joly sounded as if she had been literally possessed by Jean Chrétien: “I expect from team members that they act in a way as if they want to play a team sport.” And on Tuesday evening, in a toe-curling speech to his standing-ovation-happy caucus, Trudeau asked us to believe he finally decided Wilson-Raybould had to go because she recorded a conversation with the clerk of the privy council without his knowledge — even though the tape did nothing except confirm her testimony to the Justice Committee.

“Unconscionable,” he hissed.


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