‘Completely Traumatized’ Canadian Man Raises Alarm after Doctors Repeatedly Attempt to Railroad Him into Euthanasia

A Canadian man has gone public to warn people around the world about the reality of the nation’s “assisted suicide” program after doctors have tried to railroad him into euthanasia “multiple times.”

49-year-old Roger Foley lives with a disability which he says was brought on after he was “very sick” as a child.

Foley says he has always received the medical care he needs and learned to accept his condition.

However, he says the “care” that medical professions now provide has shifted dramatically in recent years.

He says that after years of treatment, doctors are now trying to pressure him into signing up for the Canadian government’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) eugenics program to be euthanized.

Foley was highlighted in a short film by filmmaker Amanda Achtman as part of her Dying to Meet You series.

Foley, speaking from his hospital bed in the video posted on YouTube, said that as he lived his early life as a sick child he was “very uncoordinated and always tired.”

“And then they didn’t really have a lot of testing of what I ended up being diagnosed with,” he said.

“So, I just thought I’m lazy, I can work through it.”


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