Conservative MP denounces Trudeau’s internet censorship bill: ‘Canadians deserve unbiased news’

by Clare Marie Merkowsky

Alberta MP Rachael Thomas warned the proposed bill would prevent the government from being held accountable to Canadians.

(LifeSiteNews) — A Conservative pro-life MP publicly condemned internet censorship Bill C-18, warning that it will give the government authority over journalism.

During a June 20th Parliament Session, Alberta Member of Parliament (MP) Rachael Thomas blasted the federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for trying to pass Bill C-18, which proposes to censor internet content across Canada.

“The media plays a few key roles in society that we support,” the pro-life conservative declared.

“One: they’re the watchdog, so in other words, they protect the public interest,” Thomas said, referencing the media’s coverage of the Trudeau government “turning a blind eye” to Chinese election interference.

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