Conservatives fire volley of TV attack ads at Trudeau saying he betrayed those who voted for him

The federal Conservatives fired the first major volley in the 2019 election campaign Wednesday, unveiling a quintet of English-language television ads and one French-language ad that attack Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for betraying those who voted for him in 2015.

The five-pack of 30-second English television ads will run during television programs across the country, while the 30-second French language spot will run in Quebec. The TV ads will complement the online advertising campaign the Conservatives have been running for months.

Conservative campaign spokesperson Brock Harrison declined to say how much the party would spend placing the ad on television networks other than to say it is a “multi-million dollar ad buy.”

The ads will run for the next three weeks.

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Four of the English ads feature actors, portraying voters who say they feel betrayed or let down by Trudeau. The common denominator among all the voters in the ads is an admission that they voted for Trudeau in 2015 but now can no longer support him.

That type of voter — a so-called blue-red switcher — will be a key target for Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives in the months leading up to election day on October 21. And it’s clear what the Conservatives think is important to that blue-red switcher: pocketbook issues.

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