Does Trudeau know the difference between the truth and a lie any more?

Last week, CBC and The New York Times, friendly fora to Justin Trudeau and Anthony Fauci respectively, went far beyond the usual hospitality extended to these two. They enabled their interviewees to make unchallenged lies, pure and simple.

Now, no one ever maintained telling the truth is a political virtue and, among religions, only Zoroastrianism considered lying a sin — as distinct from bearing false witness, which is much more widely condemned. Even so, it’s worth raising the question: what’s really going on with these liars? How did these two so easily get away with lying?. And what does it all mean?

At first glance, Trudeau and Fauci simply looked evasive.

Fauci, for example, said it was important to keep an “open mind” regarding whether the origin of SARS-CoV-2 was the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In fact, Fauci refused to consider the lab-leak origin from early 2020 on and subsequently did a great deal to discredit it. And yet the evidence is there, overwhelming, and stubborn. To use the criterion appropriate to murder cases, it’s far beyond a reasonable doubt the virus came from the WIV. Period.

Nor, according to Fauci, did he shut down factories or close schools: “Never. I never did.” Instead, “I gave a public-health recommendation” and other people decided to close factories and shut schools.

Fauci was not just dodging responsibility. The reason is simple: “public health” would have included threats other than COVID-19, such as mental illness, damage to children, or postponement and cancellation of treatment for other diseases such as cancer. All Fauci ever considered was COVID-19, the threat of which he wildly exaggerated. This was not an error or an illusion on his part but a deliberate falsehood — a lie.

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