Eat Bugs and Live in a Pod: United Nations to Tell First-World Countries to Limit Meat Consumption in Food’s First ‘Net Zero Plan’

Eat bugs and live in a pod.

The climate change zealots (Communists) are not only coming for your gas-powered vehicles, they want to destroy the cattle and farming industry under the guise of reducing carbon emissions with a ‘net zero plan.’

The United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) is expected to roll out its food guidance for first-world countries in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

The message to ‘rich’ countries? Consume less meat.

The new food system is expected to be unveiled at the COP28 summit next month in Dubai.

“Nations that over-consume meat will be advised to limit their intake, while developing countries — where under-consumption of meat adds to a prevalent nutrition challenge — will need to improve their livestock farming, according to the FAO.” Bloomberg reported.

Excerpt from Bloomberg:

The world’s most-developed nations will be told to curb their excessive appetite for meat as part of the first comprehensive plan to bring the global agrifood industry into line with the Paris climate agreement.

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