“Everything They Told You About Ukraine Is a Lie” – Episode 18: Tucker Carlson Sits Down with Colonel Douglas MacGregor

Tucker Carlson sat down with Colonel Douglas MacGregor in his latest Tucker on Twitter series.

Colonel MacGregor was a regular on Tucker’s former program on Tucker Carlson Tonight on FOX News. McGregor has consistently condemned US participation in the Ukrainian War with Russia.

Here is the full interview from Twitter-X:

Vigilant FOX reported on Tucker’s introduction where he laid out the truth about the mainstream media reporting on this massacre

MacGregor explains why this bloody war must end now.

“Pretty much everything that NBC News and the New York Times have told you about the war in Ukraine is a lie.”

full story and video at https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/everything-they-told-you-about-ukraine-is-lie/

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