Family of special needs daughter mulls lawsuit after she was given COVID shot without their consent

by Anthony Murdoch

The 18-year-old is showing signs of health issues from the injection.

(LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian family is looking into suing a rural Alberta college and pharmacy because their 18-year-old special needs daughter was jabbed with the COVID vaccine without their permission. Their daughter is now exhibiting ill effects from the injection say her parents.

According to a Western Standard report, Ryan Gassner said his daughter was jabbed at a local pharmacy at the urging of the school staff in late September. This was due to her being denied access to the school unless she was jabbed.

The family recently sent a legal warning letter to Olds College located in central Alberta and Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd, with the help of a local lawyer, saying their daughter was “compelled under duress to take a COVID-19 vaccination against her will.”

According to the legal letter, the college and pharmacy’s actions amount to “negligent and reckless battery” and could potentially be deemed a type of criminal assault.

The family wants an apology from the college along with “assurances they will take guardianship seriously in the future for us and for other students in the same situation.”

They are also demanding that the school provide them with a written assurance that no healthcare decision will be made for their daughter without their prior consent. They are asking the school to pay their legal fees and promise that it won’t give “unconsented to and unsolicited COVID-19” jabs on campus to anyone.

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