Feds shield names of MP foreign interference collaborators

By Clayton DeMaine, True North Wire

The Liberal government refused to reveal the names of MPs who knowingly collaborated in foreign interference operations with nations like China and India.

A national security committee found that a select group of parliamentarians “wittingly” assisted foreign state actors with interfering in Canadian democracy.

In one case, an unnamed MP was accused of giving classified information to a known foreign intelligence officer.

“Canadians recognize how lucky we are to be Canadian and how strong our Democracy is.”

Deputy PM Freeland when asked if it undermines Canadians’ confidence in Parliament and the electoral process to allow elected officials complicit in foreign interference to

stay in office. pic.twitter.com/ZhbvnWfI7K

— True North (@TrueNorthCentre) June 4, 2024

If the accusations are true, those involved could face serious charges.

The report was heavily redacted “to remove injurious or privileged information.”


full story and video at https://tnc.news/2024/06/05/feds-shield-names-foreign-interference-collaborators1/

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