Green or blue?: Quebec eyes overtaking Alberta to emerge as Canada’s hydrogen hub

by Quentin Casey

Cost of developing blue hydrogen well below green version, giving Alberta an early advantage that may not last for long

Quebec and Alberta are leveraging their respective strengths to emerge as hydrogen hubs, and hoping to take pole position in a nascent industry that’s gaining popularity amid a global move towards decarbonization.

Utility provider Hydro-Québec is aiming to position its home province as the ideal location to produce so-called ‘green’ hydrogen, capitalizing on its abundant hydroelectricity. Meanwhile, Albertaunveiledits natural gas vision and ambitions in October, which identified the export of ‘blue’ hydrogen products as one of the key planks of its diversification strategy.

Globally, hydrogen is being embraced as an emerging clean energy source, including in Canada where the federal government wants to make the country a “global supplier.” And the race to emerge as a hydrogen powerhouse has begun, with both Alberta and Quebec’s different strategies poised to capture at least a slice of the global market.

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