Hypocrisy of Guilbeault nomination nothing new for Trudeau

by Lorne Gunter

Justin Trudeau wants Quebec seats so badly in this fall’s election that he doesn’t care what he does to Alberta, as long as it brings him votes in Montreal.

On Wednesday, there was the prime minister and Liberal leader hoisting clutched hands high with long-time anti-oil activist Steven Guilbeault who had just become Trudeau’s nominee in the Montreal-area riding of Laurier-Sainte-Marie.

Trudeau also attempted to pump up the crowd over how he’d managed to recruit such a star candidate. Trudeau seemed genuinely proud that this staunch opponent of the Trans Mountain and Energy East pipelines would be carrying the Liberal banner in the October vote.

Never mind that Guilbeault has worked nearly 25 years with Greenpeace and other environmental organizations to choke the life out of Alberta’s major industry (not to mention a major source of revenue for the federal government Trudeau heads).

And never mind that Guilbeault claims to have told Trudeau he will never support the Trans Mountain pipeline, even if he is elected as a Liberal MP, and that Trudeau supposedly told him, according to the National Observer, “fine, I don’t have any problems with that.”

If you want to understand how enraging and offensive this is in the West, consider this: What do you think the reaction would be among women’s rights and reproductive choice groups if Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer beamed about snagging a top pro-lifer as a Tory candidate? Or among LGBTQ advocates if the Tories selected a practitioner of conversion therapy?

The same lib-left media that largely ignored Guilbeault’s nomination (or at least glossed over the message it conveyed) would be obsessed for days if Scheer endorsed a known anti-abortion activist or anti-gay, anti-trans therapist.

It would be claimed Scheer had a hidden agenda to limit women’s right to choose or to send LGBTQ Canadians back into the closet. Countless analysts would insist Scheer himself was secretly plotting to send Canadian women back into alleyways for the procedures they seek.

There would have be no end of claims Scheer was a hypocrite.

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