Illegal voting helped Calgary Liberal MP Chahal

After the Commissioner of Elections confirmed voting irregularities in his riding in the 2021 campaign, Liberal MP George Chahal (Calgary Skyview) did not comment on the investigation.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, a Liberal aide from the Prime Minister’s Office was among the scofflaws casting illegal ballots.

“The failure of those involved in the political process to comply with the rules adopted by Parliament to ensure a fair election can contribute to a loss of public confidence in the integrity of members of the political class, which may, as a result, increase voter apathy,” the Commissioner wrote in a Notice of Violation.

Ayesha Chughtai, a Liberal campaign organizer and then-Prairie regional advisor to the prime minister, insisted on voting for Chahal in an advance poll. However, she did not live in the riding, records showed.

Warned she was in breach of the Canada Elections Act, Chughtai replied she was determined to “support the Liberal Party candidate running in that electoral district,” according to the Commissioner. MP Chahal won the riding by 2,981 votes.

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