Joe Rogan bashes Trudeau, praises Freedom Convoy protesters

  Mike Campbell

World famous podcaster Joe Rogan praised Canadian Freedom Convoy protesters and bashed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handling of them, calling his antics “dictatorship stuff.”

Joe Rogan bashes Trudeau, praises Freedom Convoy protesters

Rogan noted how during the Freedom Convoy protest, the Trudeau government locked people out of their bank accounts, including those who merely donated to the cause.

“That is just wild. You got locked out of all of your money because you donated to a cause where you didn’t think that people should have to take an experimental vaccine in order to be able to work to drive a truck.”

Rogan implies Trudeau is a dictator

“That’s dictatorship stuff — that’s what it is. That’s banana republic stuff,” he added.

Rogan made his comments while hosting Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin of Triggernometry, another popular podcast.

He further praised the Freedom Convoy protesters, noting how they were peaceful, saying they “did it the right way.”

“It was a peaceful protest,” he said.

Rogan further mused over the Trudeau government’s recent decision to regulate certain podcasts, including the CRTC’s demand for said podcasters to hand over information related to who is listening to their podcasts.

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