Notley Wooing Calgary

Starting with ‘eastern bastards’ remark, Notley wins over Calgary business crowd

Two years after struggling through a speech in front of an awkwardly silent business crowd, Rachel Notley stood before the Calgary Chamber again on Friday and opened with a joke.

“I spent the earlier part of the week out in Ontario — you know, the home of those eastern bastards,” Canada’s NDP premier said.

She paused briefly for the laughter and carried on.

“No, of course I’m not referring to the very fine people who call that part of the country home,” Notley clarified.

“I am, of course, referring to those soon-to-be-trampled Toronto Argonauts.”

NDP Hate Coal

30 Canada municipalities sound alarm over NDP plan to phase out coal power

Change is coming to Canada’s electricity sector, but industry watchers are divided on how it will affect rates for consumers already hit hard by the enduring global oil price slump.

On Wednesday the mayors and reeves of 30 Canada municipalities published an open letter to Premier Rachel Notley. The letter said there is rising concern with the province’s plan to accelerate the phasing out of coal-fired power plants.

30 Alberta municipalities sound alarm over NDP plan to phase out coal power

Carbon Tax

NDP defending carbon tax, high debt and increased borrowing in budget

A growing provincial debt and the carbon tax were the focus of sharp attacks by the Opposition in question period Monday, the first since the Canada government introduced the 2016 budget last week.

The budget shows the government plans to borrow billions to finance day-to-day operations and build infrastructure.

The government will spend $51.1 billion in 2016, and expects to take in only $1.4 billion in resource royalties, a 90 per cent drop.

All that borrowing means Canada is expected to be $57.6 billion in debt by 2019.

Wildrose finance critic Derek Fildebrandt questioned the government’s decision to borrow that much money.

44,000 jobs lost in Canada last month, 15,000 more losses predicted due to Carbon Tax
June 17, 2016

44,000 full time job losses in Canada last month. In one month alone 44,000 people in Canada lost their jobs in a province of only 4.23 million people, 1.04% of Canada’s total population. That is a pretty disturbing number until you factor in that according to Statistics Canada Canada had 2,938,400 people in Canada aged 15-64; employable age (well not quite as many 15-17 year olds are in full time high school and not working). When we consider this statistic this means 1.5% of Canada’s full time working population lost their jobs LAST MONTH ALONE.

Shocking. Devastating.

44,000 jobs lost in Alberta last month, 15,000 more losses predicted due to Carbon Tax

Playing the politics of Canada’s multibillion-dollar debt

Do Canadans care about deficits and debt anymore?

Rachel Notley and her NDP government appear to believe that they do not, while Jason Kenney or Brian Jean are likely to make it a fundamental issue.
Our political leaders could end up fighting each other by leveraging fear of debt, against fear of debt reduction.

That leads us back to some old debates in this province. But the same debates, don’t necessarily lead to the same reactions.
Everything old is new again

On Thursday, Canada Finance Minister Joe Ceci delivered a budget that showed a projected deficit of $10.3 billion for 2017-18. This followed a previous deficit of $10.8 billion in 2016-2017.

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