Liberals love to censor your speech, just like every totalitarian government

The primary characteristic of any totalitarian government is always its overweening obsession to censor communication. The result has not only been the strangulation of free expression, but the unleashing of artistic banality.

Thank God, Timothy Denton, a former commissioner of the Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), called out the Trudeau government for its continuing attempt to smother the Canadian population with internet regulations that will lead to the a loss of freedom and government-sanctioned propaganda on the web. Denton called Bill C-11, An Act To Amend the Broadcasting Act, a “power grab over human communications” while he testified at a Senate committee examining the hearings.

The very fact the bill reached the Senate committee is reason to fear the worst. It’s nearing the end of its legislative path and will soon be due for third reading.

Bill C-11 would classify YouTube videos as TV broadcasts subject to mandatory regulation and essentially put YouTubers out of business.


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