Musk calls Trudeau a clown for blaming Muslim opposition to gender ideology on ‘right wing misinformation’

  Mike Campbell

Elon Musk responded with a clown emoji to the news that Canada’s woke PM blamed “right wing misinformation” on the fact that Muslim parents have concerns about LGBT-themed curriculum being taught to their kids.

Last week, video circulated online of Trudeau taking six minutes to tell a Muslim parent that his concerns about gender ideology are a real issue — and, the product of right-wing misinformation.

Subsequently, the New York Post wrote a headline that read “Justin Trudeau blames ‘American right-wing’ for Muslims opposing LGBTQ curriculum: ‘Leave our kids alone!’”

The billionaire entrepreneur and Twitter owner Musk responded to the article with a clown emoji, which wasn’t the first time he took a shot at Trudeau.

Last year, Musk tweeted out his support of Canadian truckers heading to Ottawa to fight for their rights and freedoms.

“Canadian truckers rule,” he said.

This came a day after Trudeau denounced the trucker convoy, calling those participating a “small, fringe minority” and asserting that only by complying with the federal vaccine mandate will Canadians ever see the return of their freedoms.

Musk later tweeted a meme that likened Trudeau to Hitler, however Musk quickly deleted his post.

As for Trudeau, his “right wing misinformation” and “far right” slurs against everyone who disagrees with him is quickly becoming a parody in itself.

Earlier this year, Trudeau said that New Brunswick’s Conservative Premier, Blaine Higgs, was “far right” for his policy that requires teachers to have parental consent if they are to use alternative pronouns or names for students under the age of 16.

Later, a poll showed that fifty-seven percent of Canadians agreed with Higgs’ stance on parental rights.

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