NDP bridging the gap, but not enough, as Alberta election campaign draws to a close: poll

With one day left for those Alberta voters who still haven’t cast a ballot, a new poll suggests the majority of the province’s support remains with the United Conservative Party.

The Global News/Ipsos poll released Monday shows that while support for the NDP has continued to grow through the campaign, it’s not enough to bridge the now 10-point gap between the official opposition.

Of the 1,202 people polled — both online and by phone — UCP support is up three percentage points among the leaning and decided voters, reaching 50 per cent. Support for the NDP has also grown slightly, up one percentage point to 40 per cent.

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Support for the Alberta Party dropped three points since the last Global News/Ipsos poll was conducted post-leaders debate, which had pegged support for the party at 10 per cent. The Alberta Liberal Party saw a one-point drop in support, to just one per cent.

“I think Albertans have taken a good look at both parties — they’ve taken a good look at the Alberta Party as well — but it’s a two-horse race,” said Gregory Jack, vice-president of Ipsos Public Affairs.

What do voters see as their next government?

Voters have been consistently open to a change in government throughout the campaign, according to the three consecutive polls. Fifty-two per cent of those polled in the most recent survey said they believed the province needed a change in government — a one-per cent increase from the previous poll.

Many of those polled are also thinking that new government would be a majority one, with 40 per cent of respondents saying they expect the UCP to win a majority.

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