New website tells pro-life Canadians whom to vote for in upcoming federal election

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(LifeSiteNews) —Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s leading pro-life group, has launched its online voter guide for the October 21 federal election.

The website will be an invaluable aid for Canadians in the five months leading up to voting day, says Jack Fonseca, director of political operations for Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s national pro-life, pro-family political lobbying group and largest pro-life association.

“Over the years, CLC has produced some amazing election resources, but this is truly our most powerful Voter Guide yet! We’ve made it super easy to find your local pro-life and pro-family candidate so that you know whom to vote for on October 21,” he told LifeSiteNews.

The stakes are at an all-time high: the fall election is the first chance for voters to unseat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s most pro-abortion prime minister to date, and his Liberals, since their landslide victory four years ago.

The latest Nanos poll shows Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives ahead of the Liberals by five percentage points, and poll aggregate is predicting a minority Conservative government, based on current trends.

Campaign Life strategically timed the launch of to give “our network of almost 200,000 families across Canada the opportunity to begin promoting those CLC-endorsed candidates in their churches, to friends and relatives, and other networks,” said Fonseca.

“Social conservatives need to begin doing that critical word-of-mouth promotion immediately, and is the site to help you do it,” he added.

Moreover, Campaign Life Coalition is “doing more than just recommending how traditionally principled Canadians ought to cast their ballots. We’re recruiting volunteers from our supporter database to go work on the campaigns of these great candidates,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews.

And Campaign Life is using to help pro-life candidates mobilize “that army of volunteers they’ll need to pound in lawn signs, make phone calls, stuff envelopes, and all the other things that are necessary for a winning campaign,” he said.

“With the click of a button, you can volunteer for your local pro-life candidate. Thus far, has generated volunteers and lawn sign requests for at least a dozen different candidates.”

As for Canadians who “live in one of those unlucky ridings” where there is no pro-life candidate, they have options beyond “spoiling their ballot or staying home on election day,” Fonseca noted.

The website “will actually tell you who are the two closest pro-life candidates, how many kilometres away, and give you the option of volunteering for one or both of them,” he pointed out.

“In this manner, you can still help elect a pro-life MP to the House of Commons, even if there’s nobody supportable in your riding,” Fonseca said.

Campaign Life Coalition’s advice is vote for the local pro-life candidate, not the leader, Fonseca emphasized.

“CLC always says that your ballot choice must always be local, first. That means that if you have a pro-life/pro-family candidate in your local riding, that individual merits your vote, regardless of the party leader,” he said.

“However, for those political junkies who want to tuck into more in-depth political analysis, we’ve also rated the party leaders.”

The voter’s guide rates Christian Heritage Party leader Rod Taylor getting top marks at A+, Scheer and People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier tied at C, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh rated F, and Trudeau with an F-.

For the “pro-life political junkies out there who love to study policy and really get to know where the parties stand,” Campaign Life’s voter guide “offers a comprehensive Party Platform Comparison matrix which lays each party’s policy position on 12 different topics that matter to social conservatives,” said Fonseca.

“Of course, abortion tops the list as the most important of all issues, but this resource also includes a variety of relevant topics that are at play in our culture today, from euthanasia to parental rights to free speech to drugs and prostitution.”

Abortion appears to be top of the Liberals’ list as well.

With Trudeau’s personal popularity tanking this winter in the wake of the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal, the Liberals sent out a fundraising letter last week that warned there were 12 Conservative MPs at the National March for Life in Ottawa.

Organized by Campaign Life Coalition, this year’s March marked 50 years of legal abortion in Canada, during which time four million children have been killed in the womb.

Minister of Gender Equality Maryam Monsef likewise attacked the 12 Tory MPs and Campaign Life on Twitter:

Campaign Life Coalition president Jeff Gunnarson thanked Monsef for reminding voters just how pro-abortion the Trudeau Liberals are and suggested that her comments could motivate pro-lifers “to volunteer for nearby pro-life candidates this upcoming general election.”

Fonseca echoed this and underscored the value of in the coming months.

“We encourage pro-life and pro-family voters to share this Voter Guide far and wide,” he said.

“Let’s elect a pro-life majority in 2019.”

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