NEWS RELEASE September 1, 2018, Kelowna, BC

Maxime Bernier can’t split the right in Canada, there isn’t one

Brian Lovig, the ultra right host of supports Maxime Bernier and states that a new and real conservative party is good for Canada and all Canadians.
“The party lines are blurred, there’s little difference between the liberal party and the conservatives. It’s not right and left any more, it’s right and wrong and both traditional parties are wrong. High taxes, enormous amounts of red tape and little freedom is the result of both parties governing. So splitting the vote doesn’t matter and there’s no right to split from anyway. What matters is that finally a politician has stood up for Canada and wants to provide a real choice for voters. We need a choice. We don’t want to be a socialist country. We want small government and big opportunities. We want to be represented, not ruled. We want a party who gets it. We want a new party. We need a new party. Without a new party and new ideas Canada is hooped ” says Brian Lovig.
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