Notley ‘cancels’ the Western Standard

Hypocrisy upon hypocrisy… Even as NDP leader Rachel Notley condemns Premier Danielle Smith for limiting questions at press conferences, Notley herself avoids questions she doesn’t want to answer by arbitrarily cancelling reporters who might ask questions she doesn’t like.

Now of course, as leader of a political party Ms. Notley is entitled to not talk to anybody she chooses, although it’s an unusual tack to take with an election seven weeks away. But, it’s her party.

And at the Western Standard we knew something was up, which is why I went to see her at a media event earlier Monday. A few months ago, the Alberta NDP removed the Western Standard from its distribution list for media advisories and news releases. It is customary for political parties to circulate notice of forthcoming press conferences and media events and their positions on matters of the day. Usually, it’s a shotgun approach, everybody gets everything whether they want it or not. However, the Alberta wing of the federal NDP decided it didn’t want to share this information with us and while it seems a bizarre choice, they are certainly within their rights to exclude our publication or any other from their list, if that’s how they feel.

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