Ontario launches ad blitz against federal carbon pricing

It’s a different kind of climate change.

Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives have launched their first taxpayer-funded TV commercial attacking the federal carbon-pricing plan as nickel-and-diming Ontarians.

The 30-second spot, part of Ford’s $30-million push against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon plan, depicts nickels cascading as the bounty from a casino slot machine.

“You’re paying a nickel more per litre,” a female narrator intones as coins flow from the nozzle as a woman tries to fill up her car at a gas station.

“Then, your heating bills are a few nickels higher,” the narrator continues as a man reading the newspaper on his couch watches change spill out of the vent in his living room onto his hardwood floor.

“And food’s up a nickel or two,” the narrator adds against a backdrop of supermarket shoppers being showered with nickels flying off of shelves.

“This will cost Ontario families $648 a year,” she says.

“Ontario has a better way: holding the biggest polluters accountable; reducing trash; and keeping our lakes clean. A carbon tax isn’t the only way to fight climate change.”

In the ad, there is no sign of the mandatory blue stickers highlighting the cost of the federal carbon pricing. Gas stations must post the decals on every pump under threat of fines up to $10,000 a day.

The Star first revealed the massive advertising blitz on March 31, the day before Ottawa’s measures took effect.

full story at https://www.thestar.com/politics/provincial/2019/05/13/ontario-launches-ad-blitz-against-federal-carbon-pricing.html

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