Ontario politician demands police investigate spike in youths dying after COVID jab

by Jack Bingham

(LifeSiteNews) — A prominent Ontario politician urged the provincial police commissioner to investigate the rash of deaths among young people following COVID shots.

On October 22, Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Randy Hillier, an Independent representing the Ontario riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, wrote a letter to Commissioner Thomas Carrique requesting an investigation to look into the “sudden” and “unexplained” deaths of a series of four young Ontarians who died shortly after receiving the experimental COVID-19 injections.

“I am obligated to bring to your attention a series of tragic deaths and injuries of otherwise healthy individuals throughout the province of Ontario that have occurred under questionable circumstances in recent months,” the letter opened.

“These tragedies have a common thread of being sudden in nature, in individuals as young as 14 years old, a demographic that ought not to be experiencing such sudden deaths. The increasing prevalence of these deaths is cause for great concern, that may merit further investigation on the grounds of criminal negligence and culpable homicide,” continued Hillier.

Hillier’s letter makes mention of four young deaths in the province that have been widely publicized in recent months: A 17-year-old boy in Beeton, Ontario, a senior at Queen’s University in Kingston, an 18-year-old Queen’s freshman, and a 25-year-old football player and engineering student at the University of Ottawa.

Both Queen’s University and the University of Ottawa mandate that all staff and students be “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19 in order to be present on campus, while the 17-year-old boy from Beeton reportedly only received the jab because it was mandated to play hockey in his local town arena.

Hillier went on to reference the Criminal Code of Canada, which defines criminal negligence as “doing anything” or “omitting to do anything that is his duty to do” that shows a “reckless disregard for the lives or safety of other persons.”

“To knowingly continue to allow unexplained deaths without investigation is nothing short of criminal negligence by omission and deception. It is becoming increasingly clear that these vaccine products are neither as safe nor effective as advertised by governments and the media, nor were they necessary,” wrote the MPP.

“I am calling on you, Commissioner Carrique, the Ontario Provincial Police, and local law enforcement agencies to begin immediate criminal investigations to determine the facts of these and other unexplained tragic deaths of questionable nature and determine if the administration of a pharmaceutical product was either a contributing factor or cause of death and injury,” he added.

In addition to the law, Hillier mentioned the known adverse reactions caused from the jab, including the increased risk of heart inflammation conditions such as myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly in young people.

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