Oregon Police Officer Claims Public Indecency in Front of Children Isn’t a Crime

Following Incident of Naked Man Exposing Himself to a 2-Year-Old Boy

A Bend, Oregon, police officer was caught on video telling a concerned father that it is not a crime for individuals to expose themselves to children, as long as it is not for sexual gratification.

The shocking exchange, captured on video by TikTok user @sidemoneytom, reveals a disturbing interpretation of Oregon’s public decency laws.

The father explained that an individual had trespassed onto his property completely naked and approached his young child. Reacting immediately, he shielded his child’s eyes from the naked trespasser and immediately dialed 911, expecting swift action against the individual for indecent exposure.

However, the response he received from the attending officer was nothing short of outrageous. In the recorded conversation, the officer can be heard stating that while trespassing is a crime, there are no laws in Oregon against “the actual nudity portion of it.”

The father expressed his disbelief at the officer’s response.

In the video, the father is heard asking incredulously, “So you can expose yourself to children in Oregon.”

The officer’s response is shocking, “Again, if you’re not doing it for sexual gratification or the gratification of somebody else, yes, you are allowed to walk around in public naked.”

The father’s outrage is palpable as he recounts the incident. He states: “So a naked person came up onto my property here, approached my two-year-old kid completely naked… At what point did this become a normal and acceptable thing to do? The cops will literally do nothing about it. They’re basically saying we have to wait for that person to do something more serious to your kid before we can intervene.”

full story and video at https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/06/outrageous-bend-oregon-police-officer-claims-exposing-oneself/

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