Pilot who lost his job for refusing COVID jab implores Canadians to ‘fight’ for freedom now

by Anthony Murdoch

‘This is going to a dark place and we need to wake up. … What they have done in terms of limiting our movement in this country is absolutely egregious.’

(LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian pilot fired for not getting the COVID shots — along with hundreds of others in aviation axed for not getting jabbed — said people need to start taking a “hard look” at where Canada is headed in terms of people’s overall rights before it’s “too late.”

“If you love your kids, and your grandkids, you need to start thinking about where this is going more broadly because perhaps health freedom isn’t forefront on your mind, we’ve seen over the past year and its continuing, this impacts all of our freedoms, whether its freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, or life, liberty, security of the person,” a pilot named Greg told LifeSiteNews.

Greg was recently fired from his job of 15 years with a major Canadian airline. He has been a pilot for 30 years and asked LifeSiteNews to not use his last name or the airline that employed him.

The pilot and hundreds of others in the Canadian aviation sector are now out of work due to their refusal to concede to the COVID jab mandates the aviation industry has implemented at the urging of the federal government.

Greg told LifeSiteNews that it is not just about COVID jab mandates but people’s overall freedom that is at risk due to overbearing government rules.

He said the time for Canadians to “have the fight” for freedom is “now” to gain public support for the un-jabbed.

“This is going to a dark place and we need to wake up. That middle ground, we have to help them understand where they are going,” Greg told LifeSiteNews.

“What they have done in terms of limiting our movement in this country is absolutely egregious.”

Greg helped spearhead the group “Free to Fly,”along with three others with an aviation background.

“We’re careful, critical thinkers, and we have serious concerns,” Greg said of the group.


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