PPC ‘western lieutenant’ enters Calgary Heritage by-election

A day before Maxime Bernier placed second in a Manitoba by-election, a door opened for the PPC’s “western lieutenant,” Kelly Lorencz.

On June 18, Prime Minister Trudeau set the Calgary Heritage by-election date for July 24. Lorencz didn’t wait for the formal announcement, and has already campaigned for more than two weeks in the riding.

Lorencz is not new to the campaign trail. He placed fifth with 1.97% of the vote in Calgary Nose Hill, as Michelle Garner Rempel took the seat. He placed third with 12% in Red Deer—Mountain View in 2021 behind Conservative winner Earl Dreeshen. Lorencz was one of three PPC candidates in the Alberta federal Senate elections in 2021, placing eighth with 5.11% of the vote.

The 53-year-old Lorencz said he usually finds common ground with voters at the doors, though he also hears his party is splitting the vote.

“For the last three years, Canadians have been kept in a constant state of fear, and that ‘Don’t split the vote,’ or, ‘We’ve just got to get rid of Trudeau,’” Lorencz said.

“You’re not splitting anything. It’s a matter of are you going to have a voice in Ottawa or not?”

Lorencz said a lot of the platform planks his Conservative opponent prompts in campaign literature are issues the PPC championed since its inception. Although some conservative voters wish the PPC would fold up and support the Poilievre Conservatives, Lorencz said his party stands alone on some important issues.

full story at https://www.westernstandard.news/news/ppc-western-lieutenant-enters-calgary-heritage-by-election/article_9474bfe0-104c-11ee-9669-eb3c37d83c6e.html

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