Pro-family MP warns about Canadian bills which could oppress Christians across the country

by Mass Resistance

Derek Sloan, an independent Canadian Member of Parliament, warned about the influence wielded by the LGBT lobby in Canada, and its use of lies and fear tactics to gain political power.

(MassResistance) – Derek Sloan is a Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) representing a district in the province of Ontario in the House of Commons. He is greatly admired across the country for being a strong pro-family conservative.

He was elected in 2019 as a member of the Conservative Party (which unfortunately is not really conservative). He recently became an Independent because his principled pro-family stands on the issues turned the Conservative Party leadership against him and they concocted a reason to force him out!

MP Sloan told MassResistance that he appreciates the work that MassResistance did to expose what was happening to Rob Hoogland. He was pleased to speak with us about two horrendous bills that were introduced in the House of Commons which have shocked Canadians across the country:

Bill C-6 would effectively ban so-called “anti-LGBT conversion therapy” in all forms, including discussions by pastors and ministers and even admonitions by parents to their children. It is possibly the broadest such ban in the world that would cover an entire nation. Violations of the law would carry outrageous punishments, including fines and prison terms of up to five years. The legislation would appear to contradict Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, i.e., their national constitution.

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