Pro-Vax Doctor Blows Whistle: ‘Biggest Crime in History of Medicine’

In a major U-turn, a prominent pro-vaccine doctor has blown the whistle and raised the alarm about the deadly consequences of being injected with Covid mRNA shots.

Annette Bosworth, also known as “Dr. Boz,” has released an explosive video statement to warn the public about “the biggest crime in the history of medicine.”

In the bombshell live-streamed video, the pro-vaccine doctor expresses deep regret that she “had all of the people I love vaccinated.”

Dr. Boz highlights a study exposing the harm caused by Covid mRNA injections.

She continues by warning that health officials, scientists, and doctors who claim the mRNA vaccines are “safe” should not be trusted.

The doctor also warns that information highlighting the dangers of the injections is being covered up and censored.

“How long is it going to take before the world would trust, that I will trust what they’re telling me,” she said.

“Then what was my part in it, how could I have been a little more…again I had all of my kids vaccinated, I had all the people I love vaccinated.

“And when you look back and say ‘dang, look at what it did,’ especially the kids…

“Anyway…I say that to you to say, this information is out there.

“I don’t know how long this report will be there.”


Elsewhere in the video, Bosworth admits that she faced constant pushback from the public when she told them the vaccines were “safe.”

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