Shocking Truth About Malmö

This article was written by Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden. You can follow him at

The infamous Swedish city is ranked in the top 100 most dangerous cities in the world.

I have some news from Sweden that goes to show just how bad the situation actually is.

A new list from Numbeo has been ranking how safe and unsafe different cities in the world are.

The Swedish city of Malmö which has several no-go zones, is ranked as the number 76th most dangerous city in the entire world, listed right between Portland at number 75 and Tehran at number 77.

In fact, Malmö comes just a few spots after Baghdad in Iraq!

What is the most dangerous city in the world then you might wonder? That spot goes to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela – A Socialist country.

But Malmö is not the only Swedish city on the list. Stockholm is ranked at number 157 and Gothenburg at number 154.

However, other Nordic countries are much more peaceful. Oslo is ranked at number 244 and Helsinki in Finland is ranked at number 305.

But can you guess the most dangerous city in Europe? That would be Marseille at number 40, closely followed by Birmingham and Coventry in Britain.

Sweden used to be a very peaceful country. In fact, one of the most peaceful countries in the entire world.

But something has happened.

Last year there was a shocking 149 bombing attacks in Sweden. This is the highest number of attacks for a country that is not at war.

We have almost 60 no-go zones where gang crime has been spiraling out of control. And the problem is, for many years, the mainstream media tried to cover it up. Nobody wanted to talk about it.

But I have reported extensively on the problems in Sweden.

You can read my previous article here on the truth about the rape crisis in Sweden.

In almost 50 years, there has been a whopping 2200% increase in the number of rapes in Sweden. That is horrible.

If you ever need proof that Socialism doesn’t work, just show them this article.

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