Taxpayers footed bill for $4.5M in trips by MP spouses, partners over last four years

Canadian taxpayers footed the bill for $4.5 million worth of travel across the country for the spouses of members of Parliament over the last four years.

Those costs come through the use of what’s known as designated travellers — individuals with whom MPs can share their privilege of expenses-paid travel when the designated traveller represents the MP at an event or when the family is being reunited.

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Global News dug into the data made public through Members’ Expenditure Reports, which detail how much each member of Parliament claimed in travel expenses for their designated traveller over the last four fiscal years.

Those costs do not include allowances for transporting children, who are classified as dependents.

As might be expected given the high cost of travel in Canada, all top six claimants with the highest designated traveller expenses are from Western Canada.

Of those six, all but one are Conservatives.

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