The Carbon Credit Scam: Financial Cost, Virtue Signaling, Little or No Environmental Benefit

Buying and selling carbon credits has become a great way for companies to signal their commitment to the environment, allowing them to keep polluting while also earning a profit on trading carbon credits.

If you pay a poor country not to cut down their forests, you can earn a lot of carbon credits. These credits can then be used to burn coal and produce more emissions. Whether the country actually planned to cut down the forest is irrelevant. Investigators have found that at least part of the carbon-neutral claims by airlines are backed by credits earned from preventing deforestation of forests that were never under threat.

The goal of most participants in the climate farce is not effectiveness. By writing a check, they can claim they just “saved” the world. Moreover, the amount of carbon credits they earn is not based on the money they spent, but on an estimate of how much pollution they supposedly averted.

Every year, China leads the world in coal consumption, burning 4,319,921,826 tons for everything from electricity generation to steel production. But it is deemed acceptable because China also plants a lot of trees and has created a market for trading carbon credits. China’s State Council Information Office assures us that “China’s sustained afforestation efforts green the world.” According to climate logic, China’s State Council is correct. By planting trees and establishing a market for tradable carbon credits, China has “signaled” its commitment to the environment. And signaling appears to be the new goal.


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