The Great Reset begins: Wall Street green-lights move out of non-sustainable assets in $120 trillion transformation

mmby Ken Grafton

Big money moves into sustainable investments in multi-trillion dollar fundamental reshaping of finance

It’s a new dawn on Wall Street.

The UN Agenda 2030 “great reset” is being fuelled by big money.

“Big money is turning its back on companies that aren’t conforming to one simple idea…sustainability – and it is fueling one of the biggest transfers of capital the world has ever seen. In fact, within a year, 77 per cent of institutional investors will stop buying into companies that aren’t, in some way, sustainable,” said

The transformation is being led by the world’s largest global investment management company – New York based Black Rock, Inc., with US$7.81 trillion in assets under management as of Q4 2020.

BlackRock says its clients will double their “environmental, social and corporate governance” (ESG) investments in just five years.


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