Third party advertiser created to promote Kenney attacks Danielle Smith

By Rachel Emmanuel

A third party advertiser created to promote Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is sending out automated text messages criticizing Danielle Smith’s candidacy for the United Conservative Party leadership.

Some Albertans received text messages from Shaping Alberta’s Future on Saturday warning potential voters that Smith is a “conservative of convenience.” The text provides a link to the organization’s website, which published an article questioning Smith’s conservative values.

In the article, Shaping Alberta’s Future says a “true conservative” would oppose tax hikes and support conservative social issues but Smith’s record “flips that script.” The UCP offers room for discussion, but Smith plays a “game of avoidance” by declaring herself a libertarian on social issues, the organization alleges.

“For years, Danielle Smith has called herself a conservative and is running on that same platform for UCP leadership. But there’s a big difference between talking conservative and living it.”

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