Todd Loewen should be Alberta’s next Premier

Keean Bexte

As the Editor-in-Chief of The Counter Signal, I’ve always wondered about making endorsements. Does the media have a place in telling their readers who to follow, who to support or who to vote for?

Why I’m supporting Todd Loewen

When a news outlet takes money from the government, I think it’s an abuse of our democracy to influence public opinion by editorializing. Luckily for me, The Counter Signal operates without the assistance of tax dollars.

We live in an age in which, following Trudeau’s media bailout, every major news outlet tacitly promotes the Liberal party, whether by attacking its opponents, stretching half-truths or addressing major Liberal scandals with kid gloves.

Without fail, the mainstream printing presses will pick the worst, most out-of-touch candidates to maintain the status quo — and to prevent real conservatives from taking power.

This is also accomplished by promoting candidates for supposed opposition parties that aren’t meaningfully different from the Liberals and don’t have a good shot at winning. Just look at how the CBC treats Jean Charest compared to Pierre Poilievre, the latter of whom was the base’s favourite by far.

You don’t write an article like the one linked above without some underlying agenda.

Since starting The Counter Signal, I haven’t been shy about sharing my opinion on everything from COVID restrictions to global politics. When it comes to political candidates, however, I keep my frank musings to Twitter and off the pages of this growing news outlet.

But, if you will indulge in this transgression, I would like to share some thoughts about who I think should be the next Premier of Alberta.

Despite Travis Toews’ unwillingness to oppose Jason Kenney during the dark days of the pandemic, he is starkly different than the outgoing Premier. This political gig is new to him; Toews hasn’t spent the last several decades collecting political salaries in Ottawa. On the contrary, he spent his time in Alberta, raising a family and cattle, and growing a business. Unlike Kenney, he is actually an Albertan and it doesn’t appear power has been his lifelong ambition.


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