Top Japanese Government Official Issues Apology for Mass Vaccine Deaths

A high-profile Japanese government official has issued a public apology to his people over the mass deaths and vaccine injuries caused by Covid mRNA shots.

The apology was made by Kazuhiro Haraguchi, a former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan who currently serves as a member of the House of Representatives.

Haraguchi made a heartfelt statement during a speech at a major protest against the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday.

“I apologize to all of you,” Haraguchi told the massive crowd.

“So many have died, and they shouldn’t have.”

Haraguchi has previously revealed that he developed turbo cancer after receiving a Covid injection.

He addressed his own struggles during the speech and told the protesters he developed a rapidly progressing form of cancer because the “vaccines I received were lethal batches.”

Elsewhere in the speech, he also apologized for the suppression of alternative Covid treatments such as ivermectin.

He revealed that ivermectin was blocked from use because it was cheap and would “interfere with the sales of the vaccines.”

This statement drew loud applause from the crowd, many of whom felt that corporate profits had taken precedence over human lives.

Haraguchi said he believed Ivermectin, a drug developed by Dr. Satoshi Omura, could have played a significant role in combating the pandemic.

Haraguchi began by addressing the grief and loss felt by countless individuals and families who have lost loved ones since the pandemic.

With a deep sense of sincerity, he extended his condolences and took responsibility for the failings of those in power.


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