Tornado destroys 14 homes in central Alberta

Families in the path of a tornado that hit central Alberta on Saturday afternoon were checking the damage to their homes and properties on Sunday.

At the same time, scientists and meteorologists started to examine the twister’s destruction in more detail.

“Everything’s gone. Everything’s moved. Everything’s trashed,” Ray Kellsey told the media.

Since 1944, the Kellsey family has lived in a farmhouse that was flattened by the tornado. The home was located between the towns of Didsbury and Corsairs.

“Within a matter of 30, 40 seconds, it went from one end of the farm and demolished everything right to the other end,” said Kellsey.

At approximately 1:45 p.m. on Saturday, Diane Kellsey, the wife of Ray, was alone at home when the tornado hit.

Travis Kellsey, their son who lives across the road with his young family, immediately took action as he witnessed the destructive winds tearing apart his childhood home.

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