Trudeau is trying to make Canada unrecognizable

By Mark Bonokoski

Another Canada Day has come and gone, with the first fireworks display in Ottawa since the pandemic.

But the fireworks weren’t held on Parliament Hill, but in a roughish park of town nearby called LeBreton Flats where almost everyone wants a new Ottawa Senator hockey rink to be built.

The club has been purchased by another billionaire, this time from Toronto, who wants a rink there as well, so let the civic battle begin for it has the buildup to be a doozy.

This has nothing to do with Canada Day, of course, if only for the fireworks anecdote but everything to do with the general state of affairs across the political board.

“Wherever our flag flies, it’s recognized as a symbol of democracy, of freedom and of hope,” Trudeau said in a statement released on Canada Day.

He said Canada offers a promise of a life in an open and welcoming society, but also one “where we acknowledge historical wrongs and learn from the past in order to build a better future for everyone.”

Sorry, but we have a prime minister in Trudeau who is trying to make our country unrecognizable by taking all measures of wind out of its sails, beginning with the naïve condemnation of historic figures and then tearing down their statues.

No greater an insult among them, of course, is the scatter-brained reaction to Sir John A. Macdonald’s involvement in the fledgling residential schools to have him “cancelled.”

It seems odd to defend him as Canada’s first prime minister who, during his tenure, had a railway built across the nation, even cutting it through the Rockies, in order to create this very nation.

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