Trudeau says he won’t back down after protesters hurl death threats, racist and sexist slurs

by Peter Zimonjic, Ryan Maloney

Protesters heard shouting racist insults at police officer of colour on protective detail

For the second time in a week, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has had a campaign event disrupted by protesters shouting obscenities, uttering death threats against the prime minister and hurling racist and misogynist insults at people of colour and women in his protective detail.

While making a stump speech to promote his party’s climate change policies in Cambridge, Ont., Sunday morning, the Liberals were forced to delay Trudeau’s appearance for an hour because of the disruptions.

Signs brandished by angry protesters displayed slogans such as “Who benefits from the lock down?” and the “Liberals ruined the country,” with one protester shouting through a megaphone decked out with the name; “InfoWars,” a U.S.-based far-right conspiracy theory website.

When the event did start, it was disrupted by honking horns and foul and threatening language hurled from a crowd of people — almost all of whom were unmasked and were not maintaining physical distance from one another.

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