Trump trolls Trudeau after CBC cuts U.S. president’s Home Alone 2 cameo

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Eagle-eyed viewers are taking the CBC to task after it emerged that the broadcaster’s recent screening of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was missing one significant cameo: that of Donald J. Trump.

Hours after Twitter blew up over the CBC’s controversial removal of Trump’s appearance, the president of the United States threw in his two cents. “I guess Justin T doesn’t much like my making him pay up on NATO or Trade!” the U.S. president said of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Three minutes later, he retweeted another article reporting the movie edit and said, “The movie will never be the same! (just kidding).”

In the 1992 hit film Trump can be seen, briefly, passing Kevin McCallister, the character played by Macaulay Culkin. The scene, in which Kevin asks Trump how to get to the lobby, was filmed at New York’s Plaza Hotel.

Trump has always liked the cameo in one of Christmas’s most-loved films, and told a media conference call just this week, according to Deadline:

“Well I’m in Home Alone 2. A lot of people mention it every year, especially around Christmas. They say — especially young kids — they say, ‘I just saw you on the movie.’ They don’t see me on television as they do in the movie. But it’s been a good movie and I was a little younger, to put it mildly. And it was an honour to do it.”

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