UCP Leader Jason Kenney and Ontario Premier Doug Ford to hold anti-carbon tax rally in Calgary

Alberta’s United Conservative Party has invited Ontario Premier Doug Ford to Calgary for a “Scrap The Carbon Tax Rally.”

The UCP has posted an image on Twitter of its leader Jason Kenney and Ford to promote the Oct. 5 event.

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Kenney, the leader of Alberta’s Opposition, has promised to repeal the province’s carbon tax if his party wins the 2019 spring election.

He has also pledged to fight any attempt by Ottawa to impose a national price on carbon.

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Watch below: (from March 22, 2018) Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney reacts to the Alberta NDP’s plan to increase the carbon tax.

Ford’s new Progressive Conservative government is challenging the federal government’s carbon pricing plan in court.

A United Conservative party official says both leaders will give speeches at the rally.

Lori Williams, an associate professor of policy studies at Calgary’s Mount Royal University, said she’s not surprised Kenney would host a rally against a tax that’s unpopular with so many people, but said bringing in Ford comes with some “political risk.”

“I think the risk here is bringing Doug Ford, who is associated with some pretty major controversies recently, and having him come to Alberta,” she said.

“That might be appealing to certain elements of the sort of core UCP supporters — people that are certainly further to the political right on the spectrum — [but] for more centrist Albertans, I’m not sure this is going to be appealing.

“I don’t see particularly the gain or how he’s (Kenney) going to broaden his base of support by bringing in a controversial figure like Doug Ford.”

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Watch below: Some Global News videos about Ontario Premier Doug Ford.



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