UFC 302 Erupts with Patriotic Fury

Crowd Cheers ‘F—k Joe Biden’ and ‘We Want Trump’ in Defiant Stand Against Current Administration

The crowd at UFC 302 in Newark, NJ, unleashed a powerful message of discontent with the current administration, punctuated by chants of “F—k Joe Biden” and “We Want Trump.”

Just two days after an unconstitutional guilty verdict in his Manhattan “hush money” trial, Trump appeared publicly, walking into a venue erupting with cheers and standing ovations.

As Trump made his entrance, the atmosphere was electric. The audience’s reaction was not merely applause—it was a loud, resonant endorsement of his enduring influence and a clear rebuke of the forces they perceived as trying to silence him.

The cheers escalated to a crescendo when Trump took his seat; almost immediately, a spontaneous chant of “F—k Joe Biden” erupted throughout the arena.


full story and videos at https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/06/ufc-302-erupts-patriotic-fury-crowd-cheers-f/

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