UN’s climate circus lumbers on

by Lorrie Goldstein  

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The United Nations’ annual climate conferences, like the latest in Katowice, Poland — attended by thousands of politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, scientists, special interest groups and media — are a circus and a fraud.

From the first climate summit in Rio in 1992, followed by 24 annual UN “Conferences of the Parties” (COPs) to date, beginning in Berlin in 1995, the script is always the same.

Each year in November or December, thousands of the usual suspects, many on the public’s dime, fly in to that year’s favourite UN tourist destination — previous conference sites include Paris, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Bali, Cancun, Marrakech, Geneva, Lima, Milan, New Delhi and Montreal.

Once there, they collectively consume enough fossil fuel energy to choke a horse for the better part of two weeks.

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