Unvaccinated Canadian approved for organ transplant in US after she was rejected in her home country

by Anthony Murdoch

The family of Sheila Annette Lewis is facing a huge hospital bill after a procedure that could save her life.

(LifeSiteNews) – An Alberta woman who was denied a life-saving organ transplant because she refused to get the COVID shots has been approved for the procedure at a hospital in the United States but will need to pay for the procedure.

The family of Sheila Annette Lewis said the woman will need to pay over $100,000 to have the procedure completed at U.S. hospital.

“With the help of a few dedicated friends, Sheila Annette has now found a hospital in the U.S. that does not require the COVID vaccination for its transplant patients,” Lewis’ family said in a statement.

“As Sheila Annette’s friends and family, we appeal to you for prayers for her — that she gets her life- saving transplant — and for a financial donation toward the cost of upcoming testing and treatment in the U.S. Thank you very much for your consideration and your help.”

The family says that the “testing alone” will cost approximately$100,000 Canadian, “and the surgery, many hundreds of thousands dollars more.”

Lewis is dying of a terminal illness known as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and was on a waiting list for an organ transplant since 2020. For a time, she was placed on a high priority waiting list, or “Status 2” as it is known.

In March 2021, Lewis was told by Alberta Health Services (AHS) officials with the provincial transplant program that she would no longer be on the wait list for organ transplantation unless she submitted to the COVID shots, and was then placed to “Status 0,” or zero priority for transplant.

With the help of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), Lewis took the AHS, the hospital, and six transplant program doctors to court over being placed to “Status 0,” challenging the constitutionality of vaccine mandates for transplant candidates, which were in place for over a year.

In her legal affidavit, Lewis said that getting the “vaccine offends my conscience.”

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