‘We won’t let this intimidate us’: Liberal candidate for Calgary Centre upset by assault of campaign volunteers

by Stephanie Babych

A federal Liberal candidate says she won’t be intimidated from continuing her campaign in Calgary Centre after two of her volunteers were assaulted on Monday.

Robert Tremblay and another volunteer were door-knocking for candidate Sabrina Grover in a Beltline apartment building Monday evening when they were hit and spit on by a resident, Tremblay told Postmedia on Tuesday.

The two volunteers had gone to the top of the building and worked their way to the ground floor, leaving campaign flyers or literature at people’s doors if they didn’t answer.

They were about to leave when a man ran toward them with a large stack of the literature they had just left at people’s doors.

“He got closer to us and started yelling at us, saying, ‘How can you campaign for the Liberals? How can you live with yourselves?’ And he got pretty close,” Tremblay said.

Tremblay asked the man if he had really removed all the flyers and requested he give them back.

full story at https://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/election-2021/we-wont-let-this-intimidate-us-liberal-candidate-for-calgary-centre-upset-by-assault-of-campaign-volunteers

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