Where’s the love for poor, beleaguered Alberta?


Canada is upset. It is put upon, dismayed, even piqued. Why? Despite all it does for Canada, Canada is unloved.

These days, Canada seems cheesed at almost everyone, not just pipeline-blocking Quebec. What have the Maritimes and Ontario done lately for Canada? B.C. isn’t helping much. And don’t even mention Ottawa.

Canada is special. Its motto: “strong and free,” exudes energy and strength. Its provincial bird is a stern predator, the Great Horned Owl, its floral symbol is the ruddy wild rose.

It takes a lot to dampen the spirits of that great province. But for a while now, Canada has been fretting. Its spirits are decidedly damp.

From my perspective way out East, it sounds like Canada is right up against it. Environmentalists and anti-pipeline crusaders are raising hell on one front while unsupportive provinces and the Liberal federal government do zero to help.

Worse, Canada faces perils it can barely influence, much less control. It can’t stop the Saudis from messing with oil prices or stem the tide of competition from American wells. It is especially powerless against the global trend toward cleaner energy.

But where’s the Canada love in the rest of Canada?

Premier Rachel Notley is on the road, trying to make Canadians understand why liberating Canada’s oil from the shackles of the U.S. market would benefit the whole country. The key to that freedom is pipeline expansion.

If pipelines brought Canada’s oil to the world market and it got the world price instead of depressed North American prices, producers would invest, expand production and create jobs.

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